5 Benefits of Being a Musician

If you’re among the people who have a playlist for every task to either keep the blood rushing or soothe your nerves, then you must appreciate music. Whether it is the lyrics, the voice of the artiste or the sound of the instruments that gets you going, music is an escape for most people. Imagine instead you are the artiste. Of course, you would accrue so many advantages so here is a list of 5 benefits of being a musician that might make you change your career.

1) Promotes happiness

Have you ever been to a party without music? Never, because music is entertaining and allows people to live in that moment of glee appropriate to the event, be it a wedding or the prom. As a musician, you get to be the person behind these high moments in people’s lives. For you, strumming on your guitar or blowing on your trumpet helps you to be happy as you do the thing that you love most. A career driven by passion is one that will always make you happy so if you are passionate about music, then being a musician will keep you happy.

2) Improves listening skills

Music sharpens your listening and increases your focus. One wrong note will transform your music from a masterpiece to a performance that will forever be memorable for the wrong reasons. To come up with great music, you have to pay attention to the smallest changes and note when to adjust the pitches from low to high or vice versa. With such focus, your listening skills will significantly improve.

3) Fulfilling

Whether you are part of a band or you play music on your own, the minute someone comes to you asking you to play a song will instill a sense of achievement in you. Picture being on the stage and as you perform for your audience, you hear them sing along word for word. It gives you a sense of fulfillment to know they loved your music so much that they took their time to learn the lyrics.

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4) Expands your social circle

As a musician, you will keep meeting new faces whether as your fans or part of the management team as your career grows. It can be exciting to be friends with other musicians who you can relate to and share some of your experiences. Still, even those you have nothing in common with will make great conversations as you learn more about each other.

5) Sex appeal

If you have had a hard time getting a date, that changes the day you decide to become a musician. People find musicians sexually attractive no matter how they look. Maybe it is the well thought-out lyrics that connect with the audience that attracts them to musicians. Whatever the reason, music helps you become sexually attractive and who knows, you might marry a fan.

Final thoughts

Music, be it jazz or hard rock, melts its way into the heart of the right audience. As a musician, you should know who to play for so that you can reap the benefits of your chosen path.